If you are looking for inspiration and practical tips to help you feel free from regret – The Grateful Way is for you!


In this book and website plus through her speaking and writing, IJ  shares the ‘whys’ and ‘ways’ of living thankfully.


Check out the Free Resources you’ll find on this website to reinforce and affirm what you are already doing and/or nudge you to take positive action.


Join IJ living ‘the grateful way’. 


It’s time to feel free from regret!





This short, sweet, inspirational memoir and ‘how to’ self-care book will show you the remarkable power of gratitude to help you feel free from regret.

Based on how her mom chose to overcome adversity and optimize opportunity together with insights from her own experiences, IJ created the three small steps of:

T.H.X. plus Ten Ways to Express Gratitude for you to ‘take the wheel’ of your life.

3D Cover Image-The Grateful Way - THIN