About IJ

Like you, gratitude aficionado IJ (Ida-Jean) McIntyre has experienced personal triumphs, struggles and regrets. Intrigued by her mom’s ability to address adversity as well as embrace opportunity, IJ wondered, how was Mom so positive and optimistic? Was she born that way, or was she one-of-a-kind? What can be learned from the way Mom lived her life?

Writing this book, IJ discovered we can choose to have a thankful mindset, we can learn to express appreciation, and that living gratefully can free us from feelings of regret.

IJ shares the simple yet powerful ‘whys and ways’ of living gratefully with women, especially those on the upside of 55, wherever they gather. Her thought provoking, upbeat and often amusing presentations are a unique blend of heart-spun wisdom and real-life research that encourage women to feel free from regret using her inspiring philosophy of the three small steps of T.H.X.!

A small-town Saskatchewan upbringing, two university degrees, fifteen years of public service, five years of corporate human resource experience and fifteen years of facilitating retirement life planning workshops have given IJ the insight to guide people exploring their lives, making plans and taking positive actions that are right for them.

IJ is certified in two personality temperament tools, holds two retirement life planning designations, has served on two national boards of directors, is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers as well as the Canadian Retirement Institute and has had articles featured in the Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Toronto Star and National Post.

Described by some as ‘relentlessly positive’, IJ loves road trips, roller coasters, and reading mystery thrillers.

IJ encourages you to nurture your own grateful attitude by applying insights you’ll find in the book, on this website and in her weekly inspirational blog posts. Invite IJ to speak at your book club, women’s gathering, conference or event. She looks forward to hearing your stories about how expressing gratitude positively impacts your life!