About the Book

Would you like to feel free from regret? What if you could learn how to? Now?

IJ ‘s mom lived through more than her fair share of trials, such as:
• Their farm house burning down—when her husband was terminally ill;
• Without warning her 37-year old son dying of a heart attack; and,
• Waking up in an Arizona hospital after suffering a stroke.

When challenged by any one of these tragedies many might give up, but each time Bernice Thomas Hanneson Neil stared adversity in the face she found something to be thankful for—which paved the way to move forward.

And, when opportunities appeared, Bernice chose to make the most of them, truly appreciating experiences like:
• Starting to paint beautiful works of art at age 61;
• Enjoying a fabulous European adventure at age 64; and,
• Becoming a ‘calendar girl’ in her eighties (that’s her at the wheel on the cover of the book!).

At age 89, despite the terrible times, given the terrific ones, and due to her thankful outlook, this remarkable woman passed away believing she was fortunate and genuinely feeling regret-free.

This inspirational memoir and ‘how to’ self-care book reveals if she could do it, so can you—by choosing to live ‘the grateful way’.